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How to recover in case you completely locked yourself out of Windows?

 It is possible for the inexperienced users to (almost) completely lock themselves out of Windows.
If you forget your account password for example and you don't have another administrator level account
at hand you can end up in a situation where you can't do anything in your Windows system which requires
administrative rights. You can't uninstall suDown because that too would require administrator level access.

Here is how to survive a Windows XP reinstall:

 1. The solution for these kinds of situation is to use the builtin Windows Administrator account.
The name of this account varies according to the language of the installed Windows system so you need to
find out first the proper name. In English it is simply called Administrator.

 2. You can log in as Administrator by pressing the Ctrl-Alt-Delete key combination at the Windows
logon screen and entering Administrator as user name and the password for it. After that you can do
all your stuff which needs administrative rights to get out of the situation.
NOTE: You can access the Administrator account in Windows XP Home Edition only in Safe Mode.

 3. If you can't remember your Administrator password which is set during the Windows installation
process chances you haven't set any so try an empty password. If you forgot the Administrator password too
look for a project called Offline NT Password and Registry Editor at
which is a nice boot CD for nulling out the forgotten Administrator password.

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